Join me for a 2 day LIVE workshop where you will identify your target market & tap into how to design for that market in a way that is authentic to you!





february 28th & 29th

If you are like so many designers out there, you are likely feeling that designer fatigue. Designing away without many clients or sales to show for it. You may be wondering what to do next to make this work and just how to go about it.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to dive in to my free trainings below to get you on the path to more clients & sales so that you can make money doing what you love!

"Encouraged me to focus my work, and find my unique selling point"

"It's hard to pick one thing that's been valuable to me from Leslie's workshops, but if I had to, I would say the workshops have really encouraged me to focus my work, and find my unique selling point as a Surface Pattern Designer. The actionable tips and information shared in both the brand workshop and portfolio bootcamp have made the process of doing this so much more intentional and effective."


pl workshops

What they say...

"Grateful for your insight in an often overlooked field"

I’m grateful for your insight and direction as an artist in an often overlooked field. The content uniquely addresses industry specific questions and helps navigate what otherwise is limited to circumstance or trial and error. 


pl workshops

"Discovered new market segments for my designs."

"Leslie leads step-by-step through the whole process of identifying your style, defining the markets that fit best and narrowing it down to the right segment to focus on. Discovering the top brands within this market, doing focused research, and feeding all that expert knowledge back into your design process and workflow is rounding things up. I am very grateful for your insights and discovered new market segments for my designs. Thanks for your fantastic course!"


master your market

Identifying your niche is where it all starts and often the most overlooked opportunity for growth in our industry. You are a visual story teller...but what story are you telling?

Find your niche

Build your client base

When we try to design for everyone, we are designing for no one! Having a market focus helps you to zero in on one group of buyers and turn them into repeat clients!

How I Can Help..

Create consistent income

Understanding how to tailor your designs to a target audience is key in getting repeat clients...and it is repeat clients that gives you the consistent income you desire!

lets do this!