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Founder of the Print Life where I support surface pattern designers just like you to grow a thriving business. I love to share industry insight, marketing tools and coaching support to designers who want to design and market their art successfully in the fashion space. 

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I'm Leslie, Your Print Business Mentor

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If you are like so many surface pattern designers out there, you want to design art and get it sold. Seems simple enough. But if you truly want to thrive in the world of surface pattern design, you must be willing to step into the role needed to take you to the next level. And if you find yourself on that creative hamster wheel with no clients or income to show for it, it is time to step into the role of Creative Entrepreneur and take your surface pattern design career to the next level.

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Get more of your designs sold by marketing to the right market

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With a background blending fashion design & fine art, my first job in the industry had me immersed in the world of fashion print design. Over the years, my designs have graced the floors of stores such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Target.

A pivotal moment came when I spoke at FIDM which sparked a desire to share more and demystify this industry. In 2020, I founded the Print Life, becoming a mentor to hundreds of designers. My mission is clear: Amplify artist visibility, support sustainable practices and teach the power of uniting intention & intuition.

I am so excited to share the tools, strategies, and industry insights to help pave the way for your thriving career in fashion print design!

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The Business of Fashion Print Design

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The Importance of Developing Your Style in Surface Pattern Design

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The Print Life Membership is packed full of design, sales and marketing training, group coaching and a beautiful, global community of designers who love to learn, share and cheer each other on!! Looking for a support system and feedback loop as you navigate your surface design career? You found it!


your fashion print business community and coaching

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Print Life

A podcast for surface pattern designers that offers insight into the fashion industry side of things. In the Print Life we discuss all things design path, sales, marketing and mindset to support you in navigating your creative path. Freelance, In House or just getting started, we have you covered. Welcome to the Print Life Podcast!

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what to charge, how to pitch and just where to start when it comes to building your surface pattern design business

If you are like so many designers out there, you might be wondering what to pitch, who to pitch and how to get the sale. 

When I started out as a freelancer, I pieced things together and learned along the way. I made so many mistakes! But there was value in each and every misstep. And now, I love nothing more than sharing what I have learned, what worked and what didn't with you so that you can do things a bit faster.

You can be a successful print designer and you do not have to starve for your art. will take something from you. It will take you doing things that may push you from your comfort zone. But, it is in that discomfort that you find growth. And it is in that growth that you can build the life and career that you dream of!

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