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If you landed here, chances are you are a surface pattern designer who is interested in getting started selling your art in fashion...or you already work in fashion and you are looking to expand your offers and get more clients and sales! If this sounds like you, click the link below and let's dive in!

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I'm Leslie Kenehan!

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If you're like many surface pattern designers, you want to create art and see it sold. While this sounds straightforward, truly thriving in surface pattern design requires stepping into the role that will elevate you to the next level. If you find yourself on the creative hamster wheel without the results you want, it's time to embrace growth and learn the tools to support you along the way.

Discover the tools you need to find your style, your clients and build a business

Surface Pattern Design
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Get more of your designs sold by marketing to the right market

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Market Magic

Get started by joining my FREE workshop Master Your Market  and discover the missing piece to attracting clients who actually want to buy your prints!

As the owner and creative director of White Buffalo Studio, I'm passionate about helping surface pattern designers find their unique voice in a saturated market. Self-taught and driven by a love for creative direction, I guide designers in developing their niche, creating authentic art, and navigating the complexities of the industry. Through my podcast, courses, and membership, I empower designers to build sustainable businesses around their creative talents and gain the confidence to put their art out into the world.

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The Business of Fashion Print Design

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The Importance of Developing Your Style in Surface Pattern Design

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“Totally unique to other surface design programs around."

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The Print Life Membership is packed with design, sales, and marketing training, group support, and a global community of designers who love to learn & share. Searching for a support system and feedback loop as you navigate your surface design career? You've found it!

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The Print Life Podcast is your go-to resource for insights into the fashion industry's world of surface pattern design. We cover everything from design paths to sales, marketing, and mindset to help you navigate your creative journey. Whether you're freelancing, working in-house, or just starting out, we've got you covered. Welcome to the Print Life Podcast!

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you might be wondering where to start when it comes to actually monetizing your art in the world of fashion print design

If you're like many designers, you likely have stacks of work but are unsure about its quality, who to pitch to, or how to find your ideal clients

When I started out as a freelancer, I pieced things together and learned along the way, making countless mistakes. But there was value in every misstep. Now, I love sharing what I've learned—the successes and the failures—so you can move forward faster.

You can be a successful print designer without starving for your art, but it will require stepping out of your comfort zone. Embrace the discomfort, for it's there you'll find growth. And with that growth, you can build the life and career you've always dreamed of!

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