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If you are a surface pattern and print designer who wants to find your own unique style, something that will set you apart and have your clients coming back for more,
I want to invite you to join The Print Style Challenge – A FREE 5 days challenge that will push you outside your comfort zone and allow you to explore getting started with your print style practice. Sign up below, it all begins May 23rd! See you there!

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Welcome to the Print Life

From clarity in your niche to curating a more profitable portfolio, discover how to create a sustainable career selling your designs in the apparel industry!

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Getting started in your design career often feels like trudging through water, and you know if you could juuuuust figure out how to get these designs in the hands of the right would be smooth sailing from there!

A resource for surface pattern & fashion print designers who are ready to thrive!

from struggling freelancer to thriving designer

What's My Print Design Path?

Find your unique path in the wild world of print design! Take my FREE quiz and unlock resources & guidance on next steps that meet you exactly where you are along your creative journey...

Freelance, Studio, In House, Licensing or Creative Entrepreneur?!
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The Print Life Membership is packed full of design, sales and marketing training, group coaching and a beautiful, global community of designers who love to learn, share and cheer each other on!! Want an ace in your back pocket as you build a sustainable freelance career?? You found it!

The Print Life Membership

sales, marketing, coaching & community

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A podcast for surface pattern and print designers that offers insight into our hidden little world of print design. Sales, marketing and mindset are a few of the topics that will be covered to support you on your journey to creating a career you love. Freelance, In House or just getting started? You are in the right place!! Welcome to the Print Life!

Print Life Podcast

a podcast for print designers!

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“Totally unique to other surface design programs around." - Jac Slade

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If you’ve ever wondered: 

How do I create a portfolio that gets me clients month after month? 
Should I get a sales rep, and, uh… how? 
What is consignment design?
How many revenue streams should I have?

Then you also know the limited industry resources leave you wanting more information and expert guidance!

When I started my print design studio in 2012, I pieced together what I knew about business and learned from trial and error. I craved real world examples and mentors who’d been there, done that. 

But, no magical map appeared with shortcuts and I’m thankful for where I am today because it led to creating roadmaps for others. I decided to shift the story for up-and-comers and, now, I educate and coach print designers on how to build a money-making, creative career they love! 

You can build a successful print design business.

Welcome to the Print Life,

where design & marketing collide.

There’s a whole hidden world of print design out there and if you want to sell your art in the fashion industry....

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“I honestly gained so much knowledge and understanding of who I am as a designer. Leslie delivered the content in such a clear, concise and relaxed way about finding your design niche."

- Fiona White

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