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With fifteen years in the industry, I have sat on all sides of the table. Scrappy freelancer, in house designer & studio start up to coaching creatives just like you to turn your passion for print design into a profitable business. I can't wait to work with you!

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Creative Director at a fashion print studio & founder of the print book

“Totally unique to other surface design programs around." - Jac Slade

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Are you ready to build a lasting career in print design?

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Getting started in your design career often feels like trudging through water, and you know if you could juuuuust figure out how to get these designs in the hands of the right would be smooth sailing from there! The Print Life is here to support you in doing just that.

From struggling freelancer to thriving designer

The Print Life Membership is packed full of design, sales and marketing training, group coaching and a beautiful, global community of designers who love to learn, share and cheer each other on!! Looking for a support system and feedback loop as you navigate your surface design career? You found it!

The Print Life Membership

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A podcast for surface pattern and print designers that offers insight into our little world of fashion print design. Sales, marketing and mindset are a few of the topics that will be covered to support you on your journey to creating a sustainable career.

Print Life Podcast

a podcast for print designers!

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“I honestly gained so much knowledge and understanding of who I am as a designer." - Fiona White

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There is an art, to selling art...

When I started out as a freelancer, I pieced together what I knew about the industry and learned along the way. I made so many mistakes, but there was value learned in each misstep. And now, I love nothing more than sharing what I have learned and what worked for me with other designers in the industry.

You can be a successful print designer and you do not have to starve for your art. will take something from you. It will take you doing things that may push you from your comfort zone. But, it is in that discomfort that you find growth. And it is in that growth that you can build the life and career that you dream of!

If you are like so many other designers out there, you likely ask yourself can I get more clients? How do I make consistent income? How many revenue streams do I need? How do I set up my files? Do I need an agent?

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