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Learn how to design, pitch and sell with ease in this step by step membership created for fashion print designers who want to build a sustainable business doing exactly what they love!

the print life membership

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Consignment Design Masterclass

This Month In The
Print Life

"The program is a step by step guide on how to navigate the world of pattern design. "


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Ready to become a magnet for print buyers?

The first membership of its kind that provides business, sales, marketing, and mindset training to help you identify your unique client base, so you can start designing, pitching, and selling successfully!

the print life membership

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The Print Life Membership


PLM provides step-by-step training to kickstart, nurture, or expand your career in print design. Our monthly workshops specialize in surface pattern design for fashion, guiding you to identify your unique client base, attract them, pitch your work effectively, and drive traffic to your offerings. With PLM, you can build a sustainable business doing the work you love!

Our Print Life workshops are specifically tailored to fashion print design. Geared toward helping you identify & build your unique client base, attract those clients to you, and master the art of pitching your work effectively, we also focus on driving traffic to your products and services.

Each month, dive into a short training session designed to enhance your design process. From mastering layout and indexing to perfecting repeats, exploring color trends, and understanding merchandising strategies, each lesson offers a bite-sized opportunity to grow your skillset.

Here's What You Get...


The Fashion Lab

sales, marketing & design

Design Process Tips

Join our intimate and supportive community where you're never alone on your journey. Our beautiful global network of designers is here for you whenever you need assistance or inspiration. Enjoy access to monthly group meetups, where you can ask questions, seek guidance, and connect with fellow designers as you navigate your path in the industry.

The Print Lounge

community & coaching support

Enjoy monthly design briefs and challenges to support you in expanding your handwriting, collection, or creating new pieces for your clients.

Design Briefs

inspiration & design direction

what is included:

Why this membership?

When I began my journey as a freelance print designer, there was a lack of information on finding clients, file preparation, understanding print studios, and collaboration strategies. Through years of trial and error, I've mastered the nuances of print and apparel design, freelancing, in-house roles, studio startups, and niche identification.

With over a decade of experience under my belt, I'm passionate about sharing actionable insights to help you succeed in your own business journey.

design impactful art that sells!

learn with me!

Discover your unique opportunity in surface pattern design and connect with your core audience.

The Design Path

Craft a market-aligned collection that authentically reflects your unique style.



Simplify your brand to effortlessly attract & connect with your core audience.


Select & implement a marketing method that aligns with your business style and fits seamlessly into your creative life.


Simplify your systems for efficient repetition and focus on specialization through consistent action.


go at your own pace

Learn from a creative director in the field!


Follow a proven roadmap

your design path trainings

the fashion lab

the print lounge


$330 / Year 


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industry insight

Picked up new clients who have come to me specifically for my handwriting

I’ve really started to feel confident in my own strengths and have actually picked up new clients who have come to me specifically for my handwriting.


attracting clients

Hear from members, past and present.

Concrete steps for building my client base

Concrete steps for building my client base; defined my niche in words so I can work towards excelling in it. Clarified understanding of parts of the industry that I haven't worked in before. Feeling that there is a solid community to bounce ideas off.


building a client list

Totally unique to other surface design courses around...

Totally unique to other surface design courses around. I love the print design for fashion focus. The calm and active steps shown by Leslie are easy to follow and being able to find your market and style and then attract the right buyers is invaluable.


fashion focused

As someone who built a career as a freelancer, worked in-house, and started a studio, I understand the frustrations of trying to find clients and sell your work. That's why I love helping designers like you create the career you desire and deserve! Freelancing, finding clients, and selling your designs don't have to be hard.

From freelancer to studio start up, I have been there...

Let me help you establish effective systems and strategies to free up time, allowing you to focus on design and build a lasting career

why this membership...

Gain clarity and confidence in your work, your clients, and your long-term success

Discover the ideal number of revenue streams for your business and create a strategic plan

Master the ability to clearly articulate your offerings and target audience

Develop a clear, actionable marketing plan to fuel the growth of your business

Curate compelling content and engaging captions that attract aligned clients

Design & market with intention to avoid spinning your wheels

The Print Life Membership helps you...

If you join and find that the content does not meet your needs, no problem!

I want you to know that I believe in this program so much that I am removing the risk factor for you.
This is a subscription based membership, so you can easily cancel if you do not find that the content aligns to your needs. Just email me and I will refund you, no questions asked. Also, if you join monthly to see if it is a good fit, always know that you are welcome to upgrade to the annual at anytime. (Not prorated)

See you on the inside!

money back 


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I completely understand! Feel free to reach out with any additional questions you have about the PLM. I am here to help!

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