With fifteen years in the industry, I have sat on all sides of the table. Scrappy freelancer, in house designer & studio start up to coaching creatives just like you to turn your passion for print design into a profitable business.

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hey! I'm Leslie

Creative Director of a fashion print studio and CoFounder of a digital boutique studio collective

clients include

You can find me running my print studio, working with our sister studios at The Print Book, researching market trends, obsessing over the runway or working with designers in our membership to get their business up and running!

I didn't always know I wanted to work in fashion print design...

It all started with my first non-retail job in the fashion industry, that truth be told, I landed with a portfolio pieced together the night before. By chance, literally a power outage in the city, I was given the opportunity to develop a print that was picked up my Neiman Marcus! 

I began watching and learning from the other designers, pouring over the runways and watching sales reps come and go with their big suitcases full of prints. Then, one day I knew. I wanted the big suitcases full of prints, I to start a studio. 

I started a small business with a whole lot of heart and navigated the ins and outs of the apparel industry with a LOT of trial and error to build a successful studio.

And, now, I’m here to share it all with you!


When it comes to print design, I believe in creative intuition, designing with your end user in mind and in doing less, but doing it better.


Keeping up with fast fashion. It is time to slow way down and create from a place of intention.


Running my studio, working with our sister studios at The Print Book, doing market research, obsessing over Etro on the runway or ... at the zoo with my son Leif. 

daily rituals:

Oil cleansing, family breakfast, business podcasts and watching a show with the hubs. Preferably with a cocktail!

A few of my favorite things...

Shopping the stores... It is so important to know your market. Trends aside, it is all about understanding your clients and their customers needs as best you can.

drink the wild air...

Living close to the mountains...and the sea! Just a short drive from the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu.

Having my own business and working from home... It isn't always easy, but it is worth it. Having the freedom and flexibility to make your own schedule is priceless.

Skill and an artistic eye are just a part of  the process when it comes to creating a lasting career in apparel print design.

Not all of us were taught sales & marketing in art school and finding the right information for our industry can be hard to piece together.

Your prints deserve more than to sit unseen in an unfinished portfolio and you deserve more than the constant mind-boggle of wondering what to do next to truly grow your business.

It’s time someone pulled back the curtains and showed you step-by-step how to start and grow a successful print design business. If this sounds like you, then The Print Life Membership was created for you! And I know how you feel because, I once was in your shoes.

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"The program is a step by step guide on how to navigate the world of pattern design. It walks you through each different stage for you to truly understand who you are designing for and why and how to reach out and make a living doing what you dream of."

— melissa

make a living doing what you dream of...